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How to rent a studio

Are you a student looking for a fully detached studio between Groningen city centre and the Zernike campus, for at least one year? Van ’t Hof Rijnland Vastgoedmanagement offers 284 studios in the Campus Zonnelaan student housing complex, located in Paddepoel Groningen.

The available studios are 24,5 m2 and are supplied with their own toilet, shower, and kitchen (including fridge, microwave, and hot plate). To apply for a studio please: visit our website, create an account, subscribe, and fill in the form on the ‘inschrijven’ tab.

There are no fees for subscribing, nor the rental process. Once subscribed you will be placed on a waiting list and Van ’t Hof Rijnland Vastgoedmanagement will contact you when a studio is available for viewing.

Housing allowance is possible from the age of 18. In your account, please upload all necessary documents to meet the rental conditions. The most important terms are:

  • The gross monthly income of the student must be at least 4, 4,5 times the monthly rental amount;
  • If a guarantor is needed, the guarantor must have at least 6 times the monthly rental amount as gross monthly income;
  • You need to be an active student during the rental period. Once you have finished your studies, you must leave the studio within 6 months;
  • Minimum rental period of 12 months;

For more details, please see our rental conditions (Dutch), or contact our rental agents.

Would you like to rent a studio in Campus Zonnelaan but are currently living outside of the Netherlands? No problem; the process can be completed online! Once you have created your account, please upload all the necessary documents, in accordance with the rental conditions. Once your rental request has been checked and approved you will receive a digital agreement via email, which can be signed electronically.